Do You Know the Lyrics to “Tell Me a Story Before I Go to Bed”?

Megan wrote to me looking for the lyrics to a song:

Hi my name is Megan I was hoping u might be able to help me with a song that my mum has been singing to me. The words I do know are:

Tell me a story tell me a story
tell me a story before I go to bed
u promised me u said u would
u better give in and I’ll be good
so tell me a story and then I’ll go to bed

I do believe there are more words to the song if u would b able to help that would b great thanks!

I’ve only been able to find these slightly different lyrics:

Tell me a story, tell me a story
Tell me a story before I go to bed;
You promised me, you said you would,
You gotta give in ‘cause I’ve been good,
Tell me a story before I go to bed.

If anyone can help with additional lyrics, or information about this song, or if anyone would like to send in a recording, please comment below or email me.



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  1. Patricia Says:

    Gosh, the first time I heard this little song was 1961, when I was in first grade. My teacher, Mrs. Anne Glavan said she sang it to her daughters at bed time, and she then taught it to her students.

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