Definition of Mamacita

Ever since I posted an inquiry looking for a song called Mamasita or Mamacita, I’ve noticed that many people are curious about the definition of the Spanish word “mamacita”.

“Mamacita” literally means “little mama”. It can be used as a term of affection. Sometimes it’s used when someone watches children other than their own – those children can call the caregiver “mamacita”.

It also means “hot mama”, referring to an attractive young woman. Be careful though, it looks like it can have off-color meanings if used the wrong way!

Here’s a link to a further discussion of the definition of mamacita.

If anyone would like to send me more information about the song or the word mamacita, please write me.


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  1. gusman Says:

    Mamita is a little mother, mamacita has a whole other meaning. Cita means date in spanish, maybe there is a revelance there ?! Maybe

  2. Kevlar Says:

    Oya Mamacita is a song by Los Lonely boys.
    Hope that helps.

  3. kayla Says:


  4. Jocelyn Eddy Says:

    Someone I have a relationship with tells me very sweet things about my smile and how happy he is with me. He will sometimes use mamacita at the end of his statements and then smiles at me. I take this as a good gesture and as a compliment.

  5. Mamacita Says:

    My kids call me Mamacita, it is my nickname and is used affectionately. We use it to name our homemade dishes. Such as “Mamacita’s Stone Soup”.

  6. turner7 Says:

    hey what does the word mamamia mean?

  7. jennifer Says:

    My kids have also taken to calling me Mamacita, after hearing the word in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. I wondered if it was appropriate and couldn’t find the meaning anywhere. I am very relieved to see that other kids call their mother “Mamacita” as well!

  8. Sanjay Says:

    i saw a great band last night at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney by the name of Mama Cita…they are a hot and sexy band with TWO “hot mamacita’s” up front. Cheers!

  9. Selina Says:

    Mamacita is a song by Collie Budz in which a lot of the lyrics are in spanish, hope that helps

  10. Declan Says:

    Does anyone know what the term Bodiqua (phonetic spelling) means?
    Declan, aka Wigga aka White Irish Guy Aiight!!

  11. grandma Says:

    I chose to be called by my grandchildren, Mamacita. Usually they just say Cita, which is very easy to say!!! I love it, and I am not Latina!

  12. Leighsa Says:

    Boricua is a term used for people from puerto rico. I remember the term Mamacita was used in Thelma & Louise. Depending on the context…Mamacita” is an affectionate way to address your mother. A man using the term to a woman means similar to “One Hot Mama!”

    “Mamma mia,” literally means ” my mother! ” and it is an expression / interjection like “Oh my god!”

  13. someoneofnoimportatnce Says:

    In the Mexican world of slang mamacita is actually used to call someone a “sexy woman.”

  14. patricia Says:

    se utiliza como forma de decirle a una mujer , novia, esposa o amiga que le gusta..
    o en algunos paises latinos forma para decirle a la mamá en diminutivo!

  15. Mira Says:

    Ahh Declan Here Got It Off Urban dictionary

    A latina girl, usually mixing spanish and english in conversation; usually wears very colorful eyeshadow, dark lip liner, low cut jeans with no pockets, etc. Can often be found in latin clubs booty shakin’ to some J-Lo.
    That girl is such a bodiqua.

  16. Solstice Says:

    boriqua/boriquo means fair-skinned puerto rican, morena/moreno means dark-skinned puerto rican

  17. Samantha (Samita) Says:

    My mom calls me mamasita all the time. She is mama and i’m her little mama. Mamacita is deffinitly a different meaning. And my friends call me Samita, for little Sam.

  18. Larry A Says:

    Mamacita is also used in the movie “The Searchers” with John Wayne 1954. The Duke and his searching partner are in a cantina and the partner says ” mas frijoles mamacita”….now I have seen the 2 definitions and I gotta say that the cantina woman he is asking for more beans is not sexy or his babysitter or anything like that—in the cantina scene 2/3 way through movie. not a hot momma or one to date or little one for that matter in the movie–two cents worth

  19. Chelsea Says:

    Mamasita means “hot mama” mainly used in slang towards a girlfriend or homegirl.

  20. Bobii Says:

    When a guy calls u a mamacita as in there saying your fine what can u tell them back? Like your saying thank you(blank)

  21. DDN Says:

    I was searching for an old 70’s song that I thought was called mamacita, turns out it was “Suavecito” by a group called Malo. Sort of sounds like it would be from Santana. Suavecito means softly in English.

  22. CJ Says:

    My son has always called me mamacita. I always took it as endearment and sweetness because he was such a sweet boy. I am happy to know that one of the meanings was sweet mom, because I do feel that I am. :)

  23. Florene Krokos Says:

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  24. Megen Says:

    Mamacita in Mexican slang can be used as a term of endearment meaning sexy but literally translated to ‘little mama’. If you wanted to reply with something sexy & playful you could call him papi chulo, which means sexy but literally translated is ‘pretty boy’.
    As for calling your grandmother mamacita, it just sounds wrong! Abulita is grandma in Spanish.

  25. Ginger Snap Says:

    Although we’re not Hispanic and therefore using it wrong, my mom has always called me mamacita and my kids now call me mamacita because they took after their dad and will both be much taller than me for sure.

    Kind of disappointed it has such sexual overtones because it was cute and fitting. :(

  26. Carol Says:

    Let the Spanish speaking ppl answer! A lot of misleading answers above! Whether it is derogatory depends entirely on context. Usually a term of respect and affection. Does not shorten to “Cita”, which means “date”.

  27. viral news online Says:

    Thanks for finally writing about > Definition of Mamacita < Liked it!

  28. Alexis Says:

    That’s my Instagram username, although nobody calls me that. I use that username because I think it’s cute and I’m a light skin Mexican and I want people to know that I’m Mexican, though you probably think it sounds stupid but I’m a proud Chicana and I want to let people know. Now Mamacita literally translates to “little mama” and you may hear it usually when a guy cat calls to you and your hispanic.

  29. Amidou Says:

    Thank for posting, there are girls named like that but i did not know its meaning.

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