Creative Ideas for Kids: Fun with Post-It Notes


My daughter and her friends always come up with new creative ways to play with simple items.  The other day they asked me for a little post-it note pad that had been sitting in my kitchen draw for a year. 

The next time I saw it, they had turned it into a magazine for their Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) toys. 


LPS toys are little animals about 2 inches tall.  My daughter and her friend have been coming up with epic stories around them for a couple of years now.

image I think this is such a clever idea.  It shows how you can give inexpensive little items to kids and they can have hours of fun with them. Not everything has to be big and pricey.  It’s a good thing to remember during this holiday season when so many are still suffering from the tough economic times.

Enjoy the Season!

Mama Lisa


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  1. Lisa Says:

    My daughter’s friend said she also uses post-it notes to make TVs for her toys. I guess she draws a TV onto the paper and sticks it to a vertical surface. She also makes laptops by folding the sticky note in half so it makes the L-shape of a laptop.

    With a little creativity, you can make most objects.

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