Children’s Day in India – Celebrated on November 14th

The history of Children’s Day in India, plus a Rhyme called My Cousin Monkey Goes to Wed, with an MP3 Recording

Jawaharlal Nehru was born on November 14, 1889. He was the first prime minister of India, after his country gained independence from Britain.

He was extremely outspoken about the importance of children for the future of India. He loved roses and felt that people needed to cultivate children just like roses. And that, above all else, children should be nurtured. Children affectionately called him “Chacha”!

He felt that girls should be given the same opportunities as boys. We can see just how well he put this into practice by viewing the life of his own daughter Indira: she eventually went on the become the third prime minister of India!

His love of children was so well known throughout India, that his birthday was made into a national holiday, “Children’s Day”.

Children’s Day is celebrated mainly in schools and colleges. There’s dancing and singing and contests, and sometimes teachers put on fun performances for their students and give them sweets.

Perhaps best of all for kids is that they’re excused if they don’t do their homework!

I couldn’t find any songs that are specific to Children’s Day, but here’s a fun rhyme from India. It’s called My Cousin Monkey Goes to Wed and it’s in the Telugu language, with an English translation below it, and an mp3 recording…

Koti Baavaku Pellanta

Koti baavaku pellanta
Kondaa konaa vididi anta
Kukka nakkala vindu anta
Enugu vaddana cheyunu anta
Elugu vintha choochunu anta
Kodi, kokila, kaakamma
Koti pelliki paata anta

My Cousin Monkey Goes to Wed

My cousin monkey goes to wed
Hill and dale are well bedecked
Dog and fox have come to dine
Trumpeting elephant’s serving fine
Bear has come to watch the fun
Cock and crow and cuckoo sing
My cousin monkey’s wedding song

MP3 of My Cousin Monkey Goes to Wed – Koti Baavaku Pellanta

Many thanks to Midhun for reciting this rhyme and to Dr. Srinivas Gummaraju for sending it to me with the English translation. Dhanyavaadaalu!

Come visit The Mama Lisa’s World India Page for more Children’s Songs from India.

If anyone would like to send me a song that specific to Children’s Day or any other kids songs from India, please comment below.

Thanks! Lisa

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