Chestnut Roasting in Italy

Emanuela wrote to me from Italy about how they eat chestnuts there in the fall.  She’s a teacher and they cook them at the school.  Here’s what she wrote:

Hi Lisa,

We eat chestnuts in November for autumn.  Grandfathers and their friends come to cook the chestnuts. (1st they need to have an x cut into the top.) The mothers peel them. We eat chestnuts and drink tea, coca cola or water. Adults drink red wine.



Here are photos of how they cook the chestnuts with Emanuela’s descriptions:

1.  Here’s the stove that we use to cook the chestnuts in the garden…. The grandparents cooked the chestnuts.


2.  For the chestnuts to cook it takes a cheerful fire.


3.  The chestnuts are cooked in a "fassora", a large pan with holes. This pan has a long handle to avoid burning.  A grandfather mixed the chestnuts  with a wooden stick. 


4.  The good grandfather turns the chestnuts "throwing them into the air."


That’s sounds like lovely day.  Thanks so much for sharing Emanuela!


Mama Lisa

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