Chanda Mama – “Moon” Video by Playing for Change

Chanda Mama is a song from India about the moon. Different versions exist in the various languages of India. This one is in the Telugu language, a language mainly spoken in southern India.

Playing for Change made the Chanda Mama video with musicians around the world. Playing for Change creates music all over the world to make money to build music and art schools in communities that are in need of inspiration and hope. Music and art can have meaning across cultures and be appreciated by people of all economic classes and educational backgrounds. What better way to improve the world!

The lyrics to the Playing for Change version of Chanda Mama (in the video) are something like this…

Chanda maama chanda maama raavayyaa
nannu yettukoni muddulaadu kovayyaa

maaraalu nenenni cesinaa gaaraalu nive cupinaa
maaraalu nenenni cesinaa gaaraalu nive cupinaa

Chanda maama chanda maama raavayyaa
nannu yettukoni muddulaadu kovayyaa

If anyone can help with the meaning of these lyrics (and/or if you can verify or correct the original lyrics), please let us know in the comments below.

We have another version of Chanda Mama which is a Telugu children’s rhyme, with an mp3. You can click the link to hear it and to read the lyrics in Telugu with an English translation.


Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Chanda Mama – “Moon” Video by Playing for Change”

  1. grizzly Says:

    the telugu lyrics have following meaning
    Chanda mama raavayya : Moon please come
    Nannu yetthukoni muddhuladi povayya : Hold me and kiss me and go
    Maraalu nenenni chesina : Thou I always sulked and made petty demands
    Gaaralyu neeve chupina: YOu always returned your TLC (tender loving care) and pampered me

  2. Frenchfarmer Says:

    kuchh bhee kahega toh abhee nahee jayungee ho

    If you say something, then I will not go

    kahee nahee jayungee kabhee nahee jayungee ho

    I will not go anywhere, I will never go

    chanda mama se pyara meraa mama, o chanda mama se pyara meraa mama

    My uncle is more lovely than the moon

    meree aankho kaa tara meraa mama, meraa mama

    My uncle is the star of my eyes

    aao aaj banenge mil ke ham dono hamjolee

    come let us be the playmates today

    tum dhundho mai chhup chhup jaun khele aankh michaulee

    You look , and I will hide, lets play hide and seek

    kahana manega meraa mama, o chanda mama se……….

    You will listen to me, my mama, o better than the moon….

    naa toh maa kee milee hai mamata naa bapu kaa saya

    Neither have I got the love of a mother, nor the shadow of my dad

    teree godh me aa baithee hoon, dekh ke thandhi cchaya

    I have come and sat in your lap, seeing the cool shade

    meraa jivan sahara meraa mama

    the support of my life is my mama

    meraa mama, o chanda mama se………..

    ek din dulhe raja ke sang kahar bulau

    One day I will call the groom and the palanquin carriers

    apne hathon se hee dolee me tujhe bithau

    I will seat you in the palanquin with my hands

    ek din mujhako chhod ke too aisee duneeya me jaye

    One day you will leave me and go into such a life

    har ek ladakee jahan se vapas laut ke phir naa aaye

    from where no other girl comes back

    rota rahega bechara teraa mama, o chanda mama se……….

    Your poor mama will keep crying, ohh better than the moon…

  3. Robert Wachman Says:

    Thanks, Mama Lisa.

    Papa Robert

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