Can You Help with the Italian Rhyme, “Nona Nona coca coca”?

Bina wrote:

I am searching for an Italian rhyme that goes:

Nona Nona coca coca, doani vieni papa.

That’s all I know but would like the rest of it. Thanks.

If anyone can help with this rhyme, please comment below.



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6 Responses to “Can You Help with the Italian Rhyme, “Nona Nona coca coca”?”

  1. valentina gembressi Says:

    HI, i found your website and I thought maybe someone might be able to help me. My fathers family is from Cherso or Cres, an island now part of croatia but formaly italy. When my sister and I were growing up, my nonna would sing us a song that had these lyrics in it.
    ‘vieni bambino
    vieni con me
    andiamo la scuola…..
    this is all i can remember of the words but the music is so catchy i’ve been humming it my whole life. if anyone knows what the rest could possibly be, i would be so grateful. thank you.

  2. Krystiana Gembressi Says:

    thats so funny. My nonna used to sing that song to me too!!! wow what a small world..

  3. Joseph Petrarca Says:

    My mom and dad used to sing something similar. My dad’s parents were from southern Italy and he grew up with Italian spoken in the house (with 11 brothers and sisters)- but mainly the kids eshewed Italian because they spoke English at school and with their friends.
    Anyway, my grandma used to sing it to him and they sang it to us when we were on our way to bed.

    Nona nona coo coo
    Move papa (mo-VAY pa pa)
    Da porta ambubu
    Nona Nona coo coo.

    That’s all I know of it.
    Approximate translation?

    Grandmother – coo coo ???
    Here come’s papa.
    Taking you off to dreamland…
    Grandmother coo coo. ?

  4. Giuseppe Says:

    Back to the top.
    Still looking…any ideas?

  5. Linda Ribezzo Says:

    BIna and Joe I too have been searching for the Italian Lullabye……….The words I recall are similar….Fa la Nonna Coo coo
    Noveni Papa……Da Porta Ambubu…….Fa La Nonna Coo Coo is repeated many times in the song………

  6. Rachel Says:

    My grandmother sang me the same song! But to me, it always sounded like “Nonna Nonna, coo coo, movene pa pa, atta bottela boom boom.” Hah, that is all spelled phonetically, I don’t know any Italian and was just a little kid to boot! MY grandmother told me they were all just nonsense words…her family was also Southern Italian.

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