Can Someone Help with the Lyrics to an Indonesian Poem?

Saira wrote me:

Dear Lisa

I hope you are well. Please could you send me the lyrics for the traditional Indonesian poem si anak katak di pinggir kaali

I used to sing this as a child when I lived in Jakarta during my childhood. I only remember the first few lines now but I would love to get hold of the whole poem.

I shall be grateful if you could help me with this.

Many Thanks
Best Regards,

If anyone can help Saira, please comment below or email me.


-Mama Lisa

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One Response to “Can Someone Help with the Lyrics to an Indonesian Poem?”

  1. Lin Fadelan Says:

    Dear Saira & Mama Lisa,

    Hi, my name is Lin, living in West Bekasi, near Jakarta
    I think I know the song, unfortunately I can’t remember the complete original lyrics…
    This is a very simple but cheerful song

    Anak katak
    rek ket tek
    rek ket tek
    dipinggir kali
    rek ket tek
    rek ket tek

    Actually we could replace the verses with any lyrics as we wish.

    Best Regards,

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