Can Someone Help with the Lap Rhyme, “Run run horsey with your long hair”?

Karla wrote:

Hi, My name is Karla Wass.

Recently my grandmother has passed, and as a child she would place us (15 grandkids + 10 great grandkids) on her knee and sing to us. Unfortunately, none of us could remember the name and she left so suddenly we were unable to ask her it. I would love to have the lyrics to the song or even some help finding how to sing, well just to know the words that she was saying would be great. She did sing it to us in English, and what i remember is “run run horsey with your long hair, the faster the horsey runs the short goes his hair”. She always said they would sing this while they were sewing.

If you are not able to help i understand, after searching the web and talking with some family members no one can properly sing this song, Her service is next Tuesday and she will be laid to rest with our grand father the following Saturday.

I appreciate and assistance thank you for your time.

If anyone can help Karla, please let us know in the comments below. (Even if it’s after the date of the service, I’m sure Karla will be glad to find the song any time.)

We appreciate it.

Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Can Someone Help with the Lap Rhyme, “Run run horsey with your long hair”?”

  1. Reg Sappie Says:

    Dear Mama Lisa
    Can someone help me with this one:
    On my Grandmothers knee I would be —as she would sing this song to me.
    At the Slider Dry part –I would slide down her legs to the floor
    Since my Grandmother was from Austria –what language was she speeking? Has any body else heard this Rhyme?

    I can only say it phonetically.

    Drosey Drosey Drillka
    The Bower Mus Fer Kilta
    the Kilta would not louder
    the bower mus fer kowter
    Opps Opps Slider Dry

  2. Lisa Says:

    They speak German in Austria. Can anyone help with this one?

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