Can Someone Help with a Russian or Ukrainian Song?

I recently received this email:

My mom who was an orphan remembers her dad (from Ukraine) singing a song that sounds like “estonya monya ti la zuka; estonya monya lo bi…” can anyone relate?

If anyone can help with this song, please comment below, or email me.



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4 Responses to “Can Someone Help with a Russian or Ukrainian Song?”

  1. Taras R Says:

    As a native speaker of Ukrainian and Russian, I’m at a loss to identify this song. Even with an allowance for distortion, the etymology is neither Ukrainian nor Russian.

  2. Андрей Says:

    this seems like it might be a song bout estonia. i will be on the hunt. great site btw :)

  3. Aqua Says:

    It’s Ukraine, not THE Ukraine. The Ukrainian is a very bad racist name.

  4. Lisa Says:

    @Aqua – I took “the” out of the person’s letter as shown above. -Lisa

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