Can Anyone Help with an Italian Song That Sounds Like: "Cre e fes"?

Jade wrote asking for help with an Italian song from Toritto.  Here’s her email:

Hey. Love your site. I was looking for a song my nonna used to sing to me as a child. She was from Toritto, a small town outside Bari. It’s in dialect. I’m probably going to butcher the spelling but this is what I remember.

Cre e fes
La pup a la fines
La gat e kitccene
Y a suc a la ballet.

Today is a feast
The doll is in the window
The cat is in the kitchen
And the mice are dancing.

If anyone can help with this song, please comment below.


Mama Lisa

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One Response to “Can Anyone Help with an Italian Song That Sounds Like: "Cre e fes"?”

  1. emanuela Says:

    Jogge jì fèste e la püpe alla fenèste….
    Una canzoncina nonsense per i bimbi che andavano alla “maestra”
    Così ho trovato.

    Jògge jì fèste
    e la püpe alla fenèste
    ‘u sòrge abballe e la jatte cucjüne
    cucjüne ‘i maccarüne
    e zia mòneche ‘i cappuccjüne.

    Oggi è festa, e la bambola sta affacciata alla finestra.
    Il topo balla e la gatta cucina.
    Cucina i maccheroni, e zia suora dei cappuccini.

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