Can Anyone Help with an Bahasa Indonesian Translation of a Little Song Called “Cat’s Head”?

We have a special circumstance where we’re looking for a Bahasa Indonesian translation of a song called Cat’s Head. The song is originally Dutch. We were able to get an English translation of it. If anyone can translate it into Bahasa Indonesian from either language, we would greatly appreciate it. Both versions are below:

Cat’s Head

It was the birthday of the cat’s head.
His little legs were celebrating
His little tail could not join the party,
It recently has been ill,
He just came out of the hospital
And he has such a pain in his throat
All the dancing and jumping
Is too much for him.

Kat Kop

De kop van de kat was jarig
zijn pootjes vierden feest
het staartje kon niet meedoen
dat is pas ziek geweest
het kwam pas uit het zieken huis
en had zo’n pijn in z’n keel
en al dat dansen en dat springen
dat was hem veel te veel.

Midi of Kat Kop

If you’re able to provide a translation, please comment below or email me.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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6 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with an Bahasa Indonesian Translation of a Little Song Called “Cat’s Head”?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I received this email today from Pia Melania Pong Masa…

    Dear Lisa,

    I’ve never heard this song before, I’m curious. Here we go:

    Hari itu adalah hari ultah kepala kucing
    Kaki-kaki kecilnya (gembira) merayakannya
    (Sayang) ekor mungilnya tak dapat turut serta
    Karena dia belum pulih
    Dia baru pulang dari rumah sakit
    Dan tenggorokannya meradang
    Karena terlalu banyak
    Menari dan melompat

    I hope this is useful. Btw, I like your site, sukaa sekali…

    Thank you for the translation! -Mama Lisa

  2. Dicky Says:

    My name is Dicky Stefanus n and I just find your site, its wonderful!
    I do not know is it correct or not, because I am not sure if such kind of language exist in Indonesian language even though its quite similar with “2 mata saya” from Indonesia.
    I hope this can help. )
    personally i think Lisa’s translation is better.

    Ini adalah hari ulang tahun sang kucing
    Kaki kecilnya, turut bergembira
    Tapi ekor kecilnya tidak dapat ikut serta,
    Karena baru sembuh,
    Dia baru keluar dari rumah sakit
    Dan tenggorokannya sangat sakit
    Segala dansa dan lompatan
    Terlalu banyak untuknya.

  3. Marleen Fekkers-van Damme Says:


    About this song, it is not only a song, but also a game. You have to sing the song over en over en every time you start again you must leave a noun out and hum instead. The one who makes a mistake, is not allowed to sing along and must be quiet. The last round goes like this:

    The (hum) of the (hum) had his (hum) and his (hum) and so on…

    Have fun!

  4. mae Says:

    wow…i am an Indonesian all my life but i have never heard of this song –EVER!

    Which part of Indonesia does this song comes from ? (very curious)

    I am from Jakarta by the way.



  5. Dahlan Says:

    Hi, I am dahlan. I think the last sentece (All the dancing and jumping
    Is too much for him.) means : (karena baru sembuh), ia masih belum kuat untuk menari dan melompat. I dont know is it the same translation in Dutch.
    correct me if i am wrong

  6. Macpherson Says:

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