Can Anyone Help with an American or Native American Song that goes “Ratta Botta Rigdom Kind Bo”?

Dennis Heaton wrote asking for help with a song that’s possibly Native American. It’s possibly it’s an American counting-out song for choosing who’s It in a game. It has that kind of rhythm. Here’s his email, followed by the lyrics and a YouTube of his relatives singing the song…

“I’m searching around trying to find the meaning of an old song that a relative used to sing in the 1920’s and 1930’s to children. It’s possible it is in Choctaw or Cherokee, but I believe the lyrics are actually phonics and not the real words. I wasn’t around until a long time later, but I’m trying to help a distant cousin figure out the translation of the song. They sang it at our reunion recently.”

Here are the lyrics:

Ratta botta rigdom kind bo
Kind bo neyro
Captain Kayro
Kind baneyro kind bo
Sim a nicker
Bom a nicker
Ratta botta Rigdom
Rigdom, rigdom
Ratta botta rigdom
Bom a nichie kind bo.

Here’s the video…

If anyone can help with this song, if you’re familiar with it in any way, please share any info you might have. Thanks in advance!

-Mama Lisa

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  1. Ann Everett Says:

    My grandmother taught me a song very similar to the one you sing in your video. It has some of the same gibberish words in it. She was born in 1894, so I know it’s been around at least 126 years. At least her version has been.

    She was born in Texas and lived there all of her life.

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