Can Anyone Help with a (Welsh?) Song "Terlinden, Teroden"?

Joann wrote asking for help with a song she’s researching for a 90 year old friend.  Here’s her letter:

Do you know of a song sung years ago in the USA, but possibly of Welsh in origin with the phrase, "Terunden, teroden"?

The lady is in her mid-nineties, she gave more words but didn’t have any idea of spellings….

Terlinden, teroden, ter tonson, swiss woden.
Tigiggle, togoggle, ter rum tum tum tum!

She again said that it might be Welsh and that her grandmother taught it to her.  She also had me research Dr. Dunderbeck’s Sausage Machine and it’s on Google!

Thanks for your reply.  

Southwestern Pennsylvania

If anyone can help with this song, please comment below.


Mama Lisa

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  1. awena Says:

    Sorry I am a native welsh speaker and can confirm that the song does not appear to be of welsh origin at all. Welsh is a phonetic language so even without knowing the spelling the words should be recognisable to native welsh speakers but none of these are. Perhaps it may be Gaelic.

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