Can Anyone Help with a Ukrainian Song?

Teresa wrote asking for help with the words to a Ukrainian song…

I am looking for the words to Veewtsi Moyee Veewtsi in Ukrainian. Can you help?

My father always sang this in church and I wanted to sing it to him for Christmas but I cannot remember the words, just the tune. I hope someone can help me. thanks


If anyone can help, please comment below.


Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Ukrainian Song?”

  1. Walter Strutynsky Says:

    The song you mention is a shepherd saying to his sheep, “My sheep My sheep what will you do when I die, who will look after you?” or something like that.
    I don’t know the tune or anything, the words were on a picture that my father had on the wall when we were kids. It depicted a Ukrainian shepherd or ‘Hutsule’ on the hillside with his sheep. We did used to do a dance called the ‘Hutsulka’ which was about this subject but I’m sorry I don’t know the words to the song.

  2. Monique Says:

    There are several YouTube videos online if you put “Hutsulka” in a search engine.

    Walter, could you please write in Ukrainian the words Teresa mentioned above so that we can try to find it with the original spelling?

  3. Aqua Says:

    Вівці мої, вівці,
    Вівці та й отари,
    Хто ж вас буде пасти,
    Як мене не стане, гей-гей?
    Мене не стане, гей-гей.
    Як мене не стане, гей-гей?

    Гей, пасіться, вівці,
    Де високі гори.
    Я ж піду до Ксені,
    Де чорнії брови, гей-гей.
    Де чорнії брови, гей,
    Де чорнії брови, гей…

    Сама Ксеня вийшла,
    О якая дівчина!
    Просидів я з нею
    До темної нічки, гей.
    До темної нічки, гей.
    До темної нічки, гей-гей!

    On youtube:

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