Can Anyone Help with a Ukrainian or Russian Song about a Butterfly?

My friend Marijka, whose family is from Ukraine, is looking for the full words to a childrens song that her grandmother used to sing to her when she was young. It’s about a butterfly. She’s not sure if it’s originally Ukrainian or Russian.

Marijka recorded for me the part she knows. Click here to hear the recording.

If anyone can help with the lyrics to this song, please comment below or email me.

Thanks in advance!

-Mama Lisa

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6 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Ukrainian or Russian Song about a Butterfly?”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Dear Mama Lisa,

    that’s definately a Ukrainian song!!! The Ukrainian version of it that I found is something like this:

    Метеличок, метеличок, у садок прилетів,
    На квіточку білесеньку він тихенько присів.
    А Грицько наш малий метелика ізловив
    За крилечка піймав, у скляночку посадив.
    А Галиночка-сестриченька просить, молить Грицька:
    Ой випусти, мій братіку, із тюрми метелика.
    А Грицько наш малий добре серденько мав,
    Не морив метелика, йому воленьку дав.
    Та й каже до нього: „Ось тепер гуляй”.

    Hopefully it helps!

  2. Marijka Says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! That is INDEED the song! Thank you SOOOO much. I will print it out and save it for my Grandkids! Duze Dyakuyu!


  3. Monique Says:

    If someone could provide an English translation, that would be great!

  4. Alex Says:

    an English translation should be probably like this:

    A butterfly flied into the garden
    Tenderly sat down on a white branch.
    And our little Grietsko caught the butterfly
    Took it by the wing and put in a glass jar.
    His sister Galina implores Grietsko:
    Brother, please let the butterfly out of the jail.
    Our little Grietsko had a tender heart
    He did not kill the butterfly but set it free
    And he says to it “Have a good time now”.

    Hope it helps.

  5. Tymofiy Says:

    A butterfly, a butterfly flew into the garden,
    Tenderly sat down on a little white flower.
    And our little Hrytsko caught the butterfly
    Caught it by the wings and planted [it] in a glass jar.
    And his little sister Halyna begs, implores Hrytsko:
    Oy my little brother, let the butterfly, out of prison
    And our little Hrytsko had a tender heart
    He did not kill the butterfly, but gave him freedom
    And he says to him “Have a good time now”.

    A finer Ukrainian translation

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