Can Anyone Help with a Russian Childrens Music CD?

Chris wrote:

Hi my name is D. I’m on a mission to find Russian children’s songs. I found your page on the web and liked what I saw. I’m looking to make a CD of Russian children’s songs for personal use. I’ll explain why.

My mom is a foster mom for medically fragile kids (wheelchair and medical miracle kids). she has adopted many handicapped children and is currently going through the process of adopting a 7 yr old boy from Russia. he has severe handicaps that have been complicated over the years by medical experiments gone wrong. she’s a great mom and truly has a heart for these kids. she leaves soon for her first trip to meet him.

Since i have my hands full with my family, i can’t contribute much to her, but would like to show my support for what she is doing. i would love to have a CD of Russian kid’s songs for her to take with her so she can start working at bonding with her new son.

I lack the knowledge of how to obtain such a CD and am looking for help. Your page off google was the best I’ve seen and it really got my hopes up that i can do what I’m looking to do. please help me.

Thank you,
D Chris

Here’s what I found so far…

I found one cd on Amazon of Russian kids songs at:

Children Songs – Constellation of the Hits vol. 2 (in Russian)

If anyone can recommend any other Russian kids cd’s, or if you can help out D., please let us know in the comments below…


Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Russian Childrens Music CD?”

  1. Victoria Says:

    Hi! I can help you to find many kid’s songs, because I’m russian woman and have some small kids. I know many kid’s songs. Ifyou need my help you can write me

  2. kristina Says:

    I would recomend songs written by Shainsky., they are known by every child in Russia., beautiful and very kind.

  3. irina Says:

    Hi, i can help u!:) i have a LOT of cd with music :) i am from russia and kow very well russian kids songs.

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