Can Anyone Help with a Polish Nursery Rhyme That Sounds Like “”Oushi Coushi Wapchee””

Mike wrote:

Hi Mamalisa,

In my family we have a nursery rhyme that we sing to babies… we have always been told that it means something to the affect of a chicken with his head cut off or something like that. This is at least two generations from anyone who could actually speak Polish, so who knows how badly we’re murdering the pronounciation!

Sounded like this:

Oushi Coushi Wapchee,
Oye Chendo Bapchi,
OpaChee Da Choochi,
Cuchee Cuchee Cuchee Cuchee (tickling baby).

It looks somewhat like the rhyme you have called Kosi Kosi Lapci in that the first two lines follow the same rhyme scheme… Any help is much appreciated on where this rhyme might have come from and if we are pronouncing it even close to correctly!


There is a Polish nursery rhyme that involves a chick getting his head taken off – but to me it sounds different from the one above – click the link to read about it on another Mama Lisa’s World Blog post.

Otherwise, if anyone can help, please comment below.



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17 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Polish Nursery Rhyme That Sounds Like “”Oushi Coushi Wapchee”””

  1. janina gibas Says:

    tosi tosi lapci pojedziem do babci

  2. janina gibas Says:

    tosi tosi lapci pojedziem to babco at od babci to tati i znajdziemi kot kudlaty – I remember it but not quite – but I will try and remember the rest

  3. janina gibas Says:

    tosi tosi lapci, pojedziem do babci, ad od babci do taty, tam jest piesek kudlaty

  4. Debs Says:

    There are some Polish rhymes on the Hamburg Buchstart website

  5. Aleksander Says:

    My mum sang this to my son when we were in poland in february!

    Kosi,kosi lapki
    pojedziem do babki
    babka da nam maczki
    upieczemy paczki.

    Kind of translates to:
    Clap hands!
    we’re going to see gradma, she’ll give us some flour and we’ll make donuts

  6. Lisa Says:

    That’s a nice one! If anyone would like to send me a recording, I’d be happy to post it with the song.


  7. Sylwia Says:

    Kosi, kosi lapki,
    pojedziem do babki,
    babka da nam mleczka,
    a dziadek jajeczka

    meaning something like
    Clap hands!
    we’re going to see gradma,
    grandma will give us some milk, and grandpa some eggs ;-)

  8. Gosia Says:

    Actually is “ł” in the word “łapki” (like sound “w” in English “water”, “wife” etc. My version is “tosi, tosi łapci, pojedziem do babci; babcia da nam sera, dziadzio kawalera”. I have no idea why “kawalera”, my grandma used to sing like that.

  9. Barbara Says:

    kosi kosi lapki pojedziemy do babki a od babki do dziadka na gruszki i lablka. WHICH BASICALLY TRANSLATES TO clap clap we are going to grandma’s form grandma’s to grandpa’s for pears and apples.

  10. Monika Says:

    These are the two versions I am familiar with:

    Kosi kosi lapki
    pojedziemy do babki
    a od babci to taty
    tam jest piesek kudlaty

    – that one’s basically about going to grandma’s, then to dad’s, where there is a fluffy dog

    Kosi kosi lapci
    pojedziemy do babci
    babcia da gruszeczek
    pelen fartuszeczek

    – this one is about going to grandma’s and she’ll give us pears, a full apron of them

    P.S. There really isn’t any melody to it, it basically goes rhythmically and its purpose is to teach babies to clap to the rhythm of the “song”

  11. Lisa Says:

    Thanks! If anyone can provide a translation of Monika’s versions, that would be great.

    -Mama Lisa

  12. Kitty Says:

    I knew a similar rhyme when I was little and I think it involved grandpa milking the wrong animal, a bull instead of a cow. If anyone remembers it or can translate it for me it would mean a lot to me and my mother. My grandmother, the woman who sang it to us, passed on a few years ago.

    Many thanks

  13. angelika Says:

    it “seems” that the version of the song you’ve heard went like that
    kosi kosi lapci
    pojedziem do babci
    od babci do cioci
    ciocia da lakoci
    (we’ll go to grandma, from grandma to auntie she will give us some sweets :)
    (Oushi Coushi Wapchee,
    Oye Chendo Bapchi,
    OpaChee Da Choochi,
    Cuchee Cuchee Cuchee Cuchee )
    there are many, many versions of this rhyme – all depending what part of poland you are from and where your family comes from. i am polish and just recently was talking to my friend about this song andm, even though we are both from the same town, we know completely different versions.
    when it comes to the melody, there is some sort of melody to it. here just 1 of the links i found to give you general idea:
    if you google kosi kosi or tosi tosi as some people know this song as, you will get hundres of results from youtube
    good luck

  14. Nancy Warasky Albrizio Says:

    My mother sang a similar song to my children. I’m not sure of the spelling, but it went like this:

    kosi kosi lapci
    pojedziem do babci
    babci da pieroga
    raz dwa trzy!

  15. Bonnie Says:

    Kosi kosi łapci
    Clap, Clap, Little Hands
    Hand Clapping Song

    Kosi kosi łapci,
    pojedziem do babci.
    Babcia da nam mleczka,
    a dziadzius pierniczka.

    Clap, clap, little hands,
    We will go to Grandma’s.
    Granny will give us milk,
    And Grandpa a gingerbread cookie.

  16. Maria Says:

    Hi Id love you send you a recording. Let me know how you’d like me to send it.

  17. Lisa Says:

    Hi Maria, Would you like to email it to me? I’m at Thanks! :) Mama Lisa

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