Can Anyone Help with a French Song about a Red Squirrel called "L’écureuil roux"?

Michel is looking for the lyrics to a French song his mom used to sing to him.  She was born in 1908. He remembers one verse and the chorus. You can listen to the midi tune here. Below are the lyrics he remembers -he’s not sure of the words in italics.

L’écureuil roux

Voilà que l’on cueille les noisettes
Et qu’on les croqu’ à belles dents
Voilà que bougent les branchettes
Monsieur l’écureuil est dedans.

Qu’il est gentil (ou joli), l’écureuil roux
Dans son beau palais de verdure
Qu’il est est mignon agile et doux
Sous son beau manteau-au de fourrure.

English Translation

The Red Squirrel

Here we pick hazelnuts
And then we gobble them up
Suddenly the little branches move 
Mr. Squirrel is inside.

How nice it is, the red squirrel
In its beautiful green palace
It is cute, agile and soft
Under its beautiful coat of fur.

Here’s the score Michel sent us….


Here’s the request about this song in French:

Michel recherche les paroles d’une chanson que lui chantait sa mère née en 1908, dont il ne se souvient que d’un couplet et du refrain et dont vous pouvez écouter l’air (midi). Voici ce dont il se rappelle, les mots en italiques sont ceux dont il n’est pas sûr.

If anyone can help with this song, please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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