Can Anyone Help with the Finnish Kids Song “Tipu, tipu”?

Nikoletta wrote:

Dear Mama Lisa,

I would like to ask your help. I’m a Hungarian girl (a mother with two children). My grandmother came from Finland, but we can’t speak Finnish. She died in 2000. In my mind there is a song from my children’s age: Tipu, tipu ….. I tried to find this song on the internet, but it was not successful. Do you know what this song is? I hope you can help me.

Best regards,
Nikoletta Kovacsne Joo
from Hungary

If anyone can help with this song, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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7 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with the Finnish Kids Song “Tipu, tipu”?”

  1. Liisa Says:

    Hi Nikoletta!

    I used to sing this song when I was really little. Its a Children’s Finnish Christmas song,

    You can see the lyrics here:

    I hope this was what you were looking for!


  2. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Liisa! I wonder if you could help with a translation?

  3. Nikoletta Says:

    Dear Liisa!
    Thanks Liisa, it was a very nice song, but not the same as I looking for. I asked my cousin, she remembered more, but we can’t know exactly the words, so:
    Tipu, tipu, tipu kullepass
    miksztoy tenne poykiyas
    papa korean kukkas man …..
    I would be very happy, if you can help me!
    Thanks in advance: Nikoletta

  4. Tiina Says:

    Better late than never, I think this is the song… Melody by Oskar Merikanto, text by Julius Krohn. My mama used to sing this to me.

    Tipu tipu, tipu tipu, kuuleppas!
    Miks toit tänne poikias?
    Papan korean kukkasmaan rikki nokkivat kokonaan.
    Varmaan arveli kunnoton:
    ”Pikku Nikoletta on voimaton
    kuinka meitä hän estää vois?
    Kuinka meitä hän estää vois?”

    Mutta kuules, mä isää huudan
    kohta tuopi hän suuren luudan!
    Ettekö silloin pötki pois
    ettekö silloin pötki pois?


    Little chick, little chick, listen!
    Why did you bring your children here?
    They will ruin father’s beautiful flower bed with their beaks.
    They probably thought:
    ”Little Nikoletta is weak
    how could she stop us?
    How could she stop us?”

    But listen, I will shout for father
    soon he will bring a big broom!
    Won’t you run away then
    won’t you run away then?

  5. Nikoletta Says:

    Dear Tiina!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! Yes this was that I was looking for. Have a nice day! :)

  6. Mary Campbell Says:

    I am looking for a Finnish song my mother used to sing, but this is all we remember:

    Tansii, Tansii (little touslehead)…
    (phonetically) Tap Pooradooka…


    Tansii muste akiela

    Any idea?

  7. Alison Says:

    I’m sorry I don’t have an answer to the others.

    I’m hoping someone can help with a little “game” my Finnish uncle used to do with us. He would say “Bee-po bug is coming to eat you, eat you, eat you” while running fingers up our arm to our neck.

    My mom swears that bee-po means some sort of bug in Finnish but I can’t find anything. Does anyone know the origin of this?

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