Can Anyone Help Find the Music to “Little Goldie Gold Fish”?

Dee Shelton wrote looking for help finding a song on CD or mp3…

Hi! I am looking for a nursery rhyme…called Little Goldie Gold Fish! can you help me…I think I remember the words and I do have an old record that I cant play. I recently found a “ty” baby called Goldie Gold Fish. I would like to get it on a cd for my grandchildren !

The words are…

While walking on the street today
I saw a little boy
looking through a window at a goldfish
who was looking back at the boy!
and suddenly the little fellow shouted out with joy!!!
Little Goldie Gold Fish come out and play with Me!
Oh, Gee I wish, I was a FISH, and I could swim like you.
We’d catch a whale, by the tale!
and swim the ocean blue.
Gee! that would be delicious, we’d frolic with our fins!
and all the other fishes would think that we are twins!
Well build a home of Sea Weed at the bottom of the sea!
Little Goldie Gold Fish…Little Goldie Gold fish!
Come out and play with Me!

I found a YouTube of this song…

It looks like you may be able to find it online. You’ll have to email the site to find out.

If anyone knows any other place to find this song on a CD or mp3, or if you know about its origins, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Can Anyone Help Find the Music to “Little Goldie Gold Fish”?”

  1. jody Says:

    This was my favorite song a child, I had to listen to it over and over at bed time.

  2. Donald Says:

    Hi Jody;
    We’ll be re-releasing the song soon as an MP3.
    thank you for your inquiry.

  3. Laura Phelan Says:

    Where can I buy the album that :Little Goldy Goldfish was on??

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