Campfire Poem

Illustration of the Poem Fire Fancies

Fire Fancies is a poem about watching a fire and imagining magical creatures and places. It was written by American poet, Guy Wetmore Carryl (1873 – 1904).

Fire Fancies

When the flames are running riot,
Pictures come before our eyes;
Never steady, never quiet,
Magic palaces arise;
Now a goblin, now a fairy,
Here an elf and there a gnome;
Then a dream-boat, white and airy.
Drifting on a sea of foam.

All the tales that one remembers –
Dragons, witches, captive dames –
Gleam together in the embers
And the flashing of the flames.
Bits of sunny summer playtime,
White enchantments of the snow,
Memories of night and daytime,
Lightly come and swiftly go.

Last a train of cars, full freighted
With departing fairy souls,
Cracks and roars as if belated.
Rushing o’er a bridge of coals,
Then the gold light turns to umber,
And with soft and stealthy tread
Comes the Sandman, bringing slumber,
Now it’s time to go to bed!


Mama Lisa

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