Bloody Mary – Scary Halloween Fun!


Bloody Mary is the legend of a girl or lady who died under mysterious circumstances. In some versions, she may have also been a murderer.   Tweens and teens play this "game" where they go into the bathroom at night and stand before the mirror.  Then they say "Bloody Mary" a specific number of times (in most versions it’s 3 times, though sometimes more).  Then they’re supposed to see Bloody Mary’s face in the mirror.  Some believe if you see her in the mirror, she’ll reach out and harm you. 

Sometimes, "Bloody Mary" is called Mary Worth instead. 

My daughter’s friend told us about "Bloody Mary" in the mp3 below…

Podcast about Bloody Mary

We decided to try it…

Podcast Trying to See if Bloody Mary Works

Here are some YouTubes about Bloody Mary…

Beware of Bloody Mary in the bathroom mirror at night!

Thanks to Marisa for sharing this story with us.

Happy Halloween!

Mama Lisa

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