Advent Calendars – Plus How They Make Them at Home in France


Advent Calendars are used to count down the days till Christmas. 

When I was a kid, we’d have one where you’d open a "door" with a number on it representing that day of December.  When you opened the "door" you’d see a picture behind it.  My siblings and I would take turns opening the doors on each day of December until the 24th, Christmas Eve.  It was always special to be the one who opened the door.

Now they have candy ones, where you open the door of that number day and there’s a piece of candy behind it.  My kids take turns opening the calendar "doors" in December. 


Monique Palomares told me that they make their own Advent calendars in France.  She wrote, "Usually, you  draw ‘windows’ on a large sheet of thin cardboard.  You cut out one window for each day making either two window panes or only one. Then you glue it on a foam board with the windows open, then when the glue is dry you put a sweet or a chocolate or a little treat, either wrapped in nice paper or unwrapped.   Then you close the windows shut with a nice sticker. Each window has a number.  The numbers are mixed up so that the kids need to look for them, not just open the next window…  My sister-in-law sewed an Advent Calendar for her family.  She has always enjoyed decorating their house before Christmas."

Monique said some people in France make advent calendars using egg cartons.  Here are directions to make a quick and easy, inexpensive Homemade Advent Calendar for and with kids.

It’s just about time to start using this year’s Advent calendar… December 1st is nearly here.   Feel free to let us know if you use Advent calendars where you’re from and what they look like in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

Monique Palomares works with me on the French and Spanish versions of Mama Lisa’s World.

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