A Special Way to Enjoy Being a Dad

After reading my post yesterday linking to Parenting.com’s article on 21 Ways to Enjoy Being a Mom, guest blogger Ed Gawlinski was inspired to write the following sweet idea:

Here is a suggestion for fathers.

Let your wife sleep late on Saturday mornings. Go down stairs with your daughter(s) put on the radio station with the Saturday morning Polka show (it is probably on one of the college sponsored stations) and dance with your daughter until your wife gets up to make a big breakfast for the family. (This only works if your wife likes to cook and likes to sleep late and you can play the radio quietly enough to not wake her up). It is good exercise for you. When your daughter grows into a young woman, she is going to want to dance with you in public.

If you don’t dance well, your daughter will not notice and you have years to learn before she does. As an alternative, you can get “teach yourself to dance” tapes/DVDs from the library and you and your little partner can learn these on Saturday mornings.

When she gets older she will tell people about the silly things her crazy father did with her but she will also have memories of how much fun it was to do those silly things.

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