A Reminder of Childhood

Every once in a while, I’ll come across something that shifts me back in time to my childhood.

My sister recently returned from a trip to Arizona. She came back with a gift for my daughter. It was a beaded American Indian necklace – at least a copy of one.

I had the almost identical necklace as a young child. Looking at the necklace brought me back in time for a moment. I remember that necklace was very special to me.

That’s a part of what Mama Lisa’s World is all about, helping people go back to being a child for a moment. For me, when that happens, it can be a very special moment.

I scanned in an image of the necklace to share with you. You may have had a similar item – maybe it will help jog your memory.

Beaded American Indian Necklace

Feel free to share anything that’s helped bring you back to your childhood (in the comments below). If it involves a photo or recording, feel free to email me, and I’ll help you post it.


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