A New Nursery Rhyme from Iceland

I just received some nursery rhymes from Iceland. Since Iceland’s not yet on Mama Lisa’s World, I’ll post one here now as a sneak preview. It’s called My Little Sister Sigga.

Here it is in Icelandic, followed by an English translation…

Sigga litla systir mín

Sigga litla systir mín,
situr úti á götu.
Er að mjólka ána sín,
í ofurlitla fötu.

My Little Sister Sigga

My little sister Sigga
Is sitting on the street.
She is milking her sheep
In a tiny little bucket.

Many thanks to Sigrid Roloff for contributing and translating this nursery rhyme!

More Icelandic Nursery Rhymes coming soon to Mama Lisa’s World (my collection of nursery rhymes and children’s songs from around the world).


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2 Responses to “A New Nursery Rhyme from Iceland”

  1. bi merry Says:

    where are swahili songs?from kenya

  2. Lisa Says:

    You can find songs from Kenya, on the Mama Lisa’s World Kenya Page, at http://www.mamalisa.com/world/kenya.html . I currently have Kenyan songs in Kikamba and Kikuyu. Both are Bantu languages.

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