A Hindi Children’s Song with an English Translation

Tomorrow is the Colorful Hindu Holiday called Holi that’s celebrated in India. I thought, for the occasion, I would share with you this new Hindi song I recently received…

Ek kawwa pyasathaa

Ek kawwa pyasathaa
jugmay thOdaa paaneethaa
kawwa laayaa pathar
paani aayaa oopar
kawwaa peeyaapaani
Hogaya kahaani

There Was a Thristy Crow

There was a thirsty crow
A jug has a little water
Crow brought pebbles
Raised up the water
Crow drank the water
End of the story.

Many thanks to G.Kavitha for sending me this song and for translating it into English!


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    Dear Lisa,

    I think your site is a fantastic resource, however it would be great if you could offer some sheet music, or chords or a melody line so I know how they go in order to teach them to my music classes!


    Lisa Sheppard

  2. aisha Says:

    its fantastic site

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    Hello everyone thanks for good information.

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    Exellent effort.

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