The Flower that Blooms Only One Night a Year

Ayako wrote from Japan about a special flower:

"I saw this flower blooming at my mom’s house.  It is in bloom only once in the year in the evening. I’m so lucky!  It is called ‘Gekkabijin’ (月下美人) in Japanese.  ‘Gekkabijin’ means ‘beautiful woman under the moonlight’… and the flower was lit by the full moon on that night!  It was so romantic."


In English, this plant is called Queen of the Night or Night-Blooming Cereus.

Here you can watch a short video of the flower blooming:

Many thanks to Ayako Egawa for sharing her photo of this really special "Gekkabijin" flower!

Mama Lisa

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  1. tresor Says:

    I really appreciated , Ijust stared in admiration for this beautiful flower of the night. all thanks to a special person dear to my heart . Millions of thanks I find that the song just fits

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