A Cheaper Way to Buy Organic Food for Your Family

The other day I discussed one way to help decide whether or not to buy organic food for your family – selectively buying organic produce based on which fruits and vegetables have tested high in pesticides.

Another good idea is to see if there are any organic farmer markets, food co-ops or CSA’s in your area. We belong to a CSA – which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Everyone pays a share in advance and then we all receive a share of organic vegetables each week – that come directly from the farm. The cost is very reasonable when you work it out on a per week basis. We get about 5 to 6 organic vegetables every week for about $15 per week (we live near New York City, where the cost of living is high). We also pay extra to get an herb share.

Photo of Herbs

The food is out of this world! We’ve been eating vegetables we would never have bought in the past – simply because we never heard of them – or never saw them in the food store. Vegetables like Mizuna, Mei Quing Choi, Romano Beans, Tat Soi and Pak Choi – and some I’ve heard of, but have never cooked with, like Tomatilloes, Swiss Chard and Kale. It’s made my cooking more varied. Of course, they do also have standard vegetables like broccoli, cucumbers and tomatoes.

The vegetables we get at the CSA have more taste then what you find in the grocery store too. Our CSA runs from April until December. We’ll miss it when it’s over for the winter.

Here’s a link I found with directories around the US of CSA’s.

-Mama Lisa

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  1. Shari Rodgers Says:

    Hi there! I could have sworn I saw something on your site the other day about “The Best Hanukkah CD ever!” Any recall? I want to know what it was, but can’t find the post. I know…it’s a long shot.


  2. Lisa Says:

    I don’t recall anyone commenting about that. Would anyone have an opinion about the best Hanukkah CD ever?

    Mama Lisa

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