This song is of Breton origin. The meaningless words are probably the result of the distortion of Breton words that lost their original meaning over the years.


*"oi" must be pronounced "weh" as it used to in the 17th century.

Alternate version on the same pattern:

1 Mon père avait un p'tit champ d' pois (My father had a small field of peas)
2 Par un matin j'y fus tout droit (One morning, I went straight there)
3 J'y rencontrai une volée d'oies (There I came across a flight of geese)
4 D'un coup de fusil j'en tirai trois (In one shot I killed three)
5 J' les ai mangées d'un seul repas (I ate them in one sole meal)
6 J'en fus malade pendant trois mois (I was sick during three months)
7 Trois médecins sont venus chez moi (Three doctors came to my home)
8 Le premier dit qu' j'en reviendrai pas (The first said I won't come back from it)
9 Le second dit qu' j'en reviendras (The second said I will come back from it)
10 Et le troisièm' que je m' marieras (The third said I'll get married)
11 Avec la fille du roi françois (To the daughter of the French king)

Note that "reviendras" and "marieras" are used to rhyme with the other last words in each line.


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Contribution and Translation: Monique