This can be sung or chanted. It's a song for choosing. There are many variations in different regions of Japan. Most have the same first two lines as below...


(From Google Translate)

Dochira ni shiyou ka na
Ten no kamisama no iu tōri
Teppō utte banbanban
Kaki no tane

Ayako Egawa translated more versions for us. To start, the first two lines above are chanted and then one of the lines below...

Shoot it, dong dong dong

Red beans, white beans, brown beans
赤豆 白豆 茶色豆

Ice cream chocolate
アイスクリーム チョコレート

Is the rice cracker already baked?
おせんべい やけたかな

A bunny fell down.

More versions on Japanese Wikipedia Here.


If anyone would like to share the version they know, please email me. Thanks! Mama Lisa

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Ayako Egawa for checking the translation and for translating the other versions. First version translated by Lisa.