The "gojo si" is a "cradle song" ceremony, and song, whose sole purpose is to aid and provide supernatural powers to baby girls into womanhood.


Through this song, the offering of prayer and life-long protection from evil is given. This ceremony is to be performed for baby girls into puberty to ensure their fertility before marriage. When performing this ceremony a man or woman can perform the rites. If not done by a close blood relative, then hire a medicine man or medicine woman. The rite includes making a cradle from wood collected by the girl's family, not in their cycle. While making the cradle the song will be sung under a clear night sky. When the song is finished a woman or man will place the girl into the cradle and will put prehistoric shell ornaments onto the cradle. The cradle is never to be touched by Mother Earth. It is said to take away the girl's fertility. Gifts are of corn or meal. The performers of this song ceremony will receive the equivalent of a life of respect and care.

Compiled by: Glenn Welker and Daniel Castro Romero Jr.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Glenn Welker for graciously allowing me to use these songs and illustrations. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!