This song was collected by Alice Bertha Gomme from a person around 1898 in Belfast as part of a collection of songs called "Draw a Pail of Water".

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If anyone is familiar with this song please, email me and let me know. We'd like to know if it's still sung today. Thanks! -Mama Lisa

Game Instructions

A string of children, hand in hand, stand in a row. A child (A) stands in front of them, as the leader; two other children (B and C) hold hands and lift them to form an arch. The children sing this song as (A) passes by under the arch, followed by the whole string of children, the last of whom is taken captive by (B) and (C). The verses are repeated, until all are taken.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

This was collected by Alice Bertha Gomme from WH Patterson of Belfast and published in "The Traditional Games of England, Scotland, and Ireland With Tunes, Singing-Rhymes and Methods of Playing" (1898) .