*"Calalou" (from the name of a West Indies ragout) was a derisive nickname given to quadroon women in the early 19th century.

"'Pauv' piti Mom'zelle Zizi' is thought by some to have originated in the West Indies, and there is nothing to prove the contrary; but whether a product of the Islands or of the Southern States, certain it is that no melody was so universally known and sung on the Louisiana plantations as that of 'Mom'zelle Zizi,' or 'Lolotte,' as another version goes… The words and the melody with slight variations are also published in Mr. Krehbiel's book of Afro-American Folksongs." -Mina Monroe, Bayou Ballads

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

This song was collected by Mina Monroe (1921). It can be found in Schirmer's American Folk-Song Series, Set 2, Bayou Ballads, 12 Folk-Songs from Louisiana, Text and Music collected by Mina Monroe (1921). Thanks to Wade Falcon for pointing out this song to us!