*According to the American Indian Studies Research Institute Lakota-English Dictionary, "hóšišipa" means "to lift the hands by pinching the tops of another's hands-a game played by children". It's pronounced "HO-shee-shee-pah".

This song is also used in Isleta Pueblo with a different game.

Game Instructions

According to Delphine Red Shirt's "Turtle Lung Woman's Granddaughter", the little girls would sing the song "Hóšišipa" while standing in a circle with their hands out, one hand over another girl's hand, and they would pinch the loose skin on top of the hand.

"The first one to laugh ended the game because they would all laugh, falling in a heap. Throughout the game they were all waiting with bated breaths to see who would laugh first."

The lyrics go…

Hóšišipa, hóšiši,
Hóšišipa, hóšiši,
Hóšišipa, hóšišipa
Hóšišipa hé niyé yeló
("It's you" –said by a man)

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