Songs & Rhymes In Lakota

About the Lakota

The Lakota are "also known as the Teton Sioux (from 'Thítȟušwaš'), they are one of the three Sioux tribes of Plains. Their current lands are in North and South Dakota. The name Lakota comes from the Lakota autonym, Lakota 'feeling affection, friendly, united, allied'.

The seven bands or 'sub-tribes' of the Lakota are:
Sičhášǧu (Brulé, Burned Thighs), Oglála ("They Scatter Their Own"), Itázipčho (Sans Arc, Without Bows), Húškpapȟa (Hunkpapa, "End Village", Camps at the End of the Camp Circle), Mnikȟówožu (Miniconjou, "Plant Near Water", Planters by the Water), Sihásapa ("Blackfeet, or Blackfoot"), Oóhenušpa (Two Kettles).

They speak Lakȟótiyapi - the Lakota language, the westernmost of three closely related languages that belong to the Siouan language family." -Wikipedia