"This is a work song used in the nomadic areas in Somalia. It is sung when pounding grain and it goes like this…" -Midnimo


(1) Against them
(2) Sorghum is a grain that's grown in Africa. It's a drought resistant grain. Somali women pound it with a big mortar and pestle and use it to make porridge and pancakes.

*We don't have a translation for these two lines. If anyone can help translate them, please email me. Thanks! Mama Lisa


According to "Folk Songs from Somalia" (collected by A.C. Xaange), this song is sung from a mother to her daughter about choosing the right type of man to marry.

The version in the YouTube below is longer than the lyrics above…

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Midnimo for sharing this song with us and for the translation. Check out Midnimo's Blog for Somali Music.