Here's the oldest known lullaby...

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*Uncertain of the word that is here.

Lullaby for a Son of Shulgi

Oossa nganoo oossa nganoo
Oossa nganoo kee doomoongashe
Oossa kooloo kee doomoongashe
Eegee badbadanee oo kooneeb
Eegee goonanee shoozoo ngarbee
Oo eme za maleeleekanee
Za malleeleel oo nagoole.

ng as in "ring", "bang", "song"
"e" as in "red"

Many specialists deny the validity of giving transliterations with plain words as there are still too many uncertainties left concerning Sumerian phonetics.


We didn't post the whole lullaby, as part of it's fragmented. But you can read the full transliterated version of the lullaby here. There's an English translation of the full version of the lullaby here.

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