Songs & Rhymes In Sumerian

About Ancient Sumer

Sumer is one of the first known civilizations. It lasted from about 3700 BC until about 2000 BC. It was located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what's known as the Fertile Crescent. The Greeks called it Mesopotamia, meaning the land between the rivers.

The Sumerians farmed the land, created canals to irrigate their crops, domesticated animals and built roads. Most importantly, they created cities, which quickly experienced population growth. One of their cities, Ur, had as many as 24,000 people. As the cities grew, people started to have specific jobs, like potters, weavers, farmers and traders. They also had a government, a religion and they kept records.

Sumerian was written in cuneiform, a writing system which developed around the 31st century BC. The term cuneiform comes from Latin, meaning wedge-shaped. That's because cuneiform characters are made in wedge-shaped strokes. The characters have an arrow-head like shape. The symbol above is in cuneiform and it represents the word for musical instrument. We're using it in the place of a flag, since we can't find an actual flag that was used by ancient Sumer!

The song linked to above is the oldest known lullaby!

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