This is an English version of a Greek New Year's song called Αρχιμηνιά κι Αρχιχρονιά. Saint Basil is like a Greek Santa Claus who brings gifts to the children on New Year's Eve.


*The words in italics are repeated.

Translation of Greek song by Aristides Evangelus Phoutrides.


At the end of the recording, the last verse is repeated and sung in Greek. Here are the lyrics to the last verse in Greek, followed by the pronunciation:

Αρχή που βγήκε ο Χριστός
άγιος και Πνευματικός,
στη γη, στη γη να περπατήσει
και να μας, και να μας καλοκαρδίσει


Archí pou vyíken o khristós
áyios ke pneumatikós,
sti yi, yi na perpatísi
ke na mas, ke na mas kalokardhísi!

The accents are on the stressed vowels.

ch as in German "ich" (an unvoiced "y" in "you")
i = always "ee"
ou = oo
y: as in "you"
"e" = like in "bed"
"eu" = éoo
Kh: like German "ch" in "Bach" or Scottish "ch" in "loch"
s: always hard
dh: like the English "th" in "this, that".


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - St. Basil