"Here is a game we played up to the end of 1st grade" -Monique


A "grelot" is a round bell such as sleigh bells, cat bells, etc. The first and last line can be found as "greli-grelot" where "greli" has no meaning.
The literal translation of the 2nd line goes, "How many stones do I have in my clog". This line can also be found as, "Combien j'ai de sous…" (How many coins…).

Game Instructions

This game is played by young children (up to 6) with 10 small pebbles. One child takes some pebbles between her hands and hides the others in her pocket. She then shakes her hands as if shaking a rattle while singing the song. The other player(s) must guess the number of pebbles.

If the game is played by only 2 children and the other player doesn't guess the number of pebbles the game starts again with a different number of pebbles. If the other player does guess correctly, they swap roles.

If the game is played by more than 2 children, the one who guesses the number of pebbles gets the leader's role.



Sung by Monique.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Monique for contributing and translating this game!