Alternate titles: "Le poltron", "Et moi de m'encourir" or "Le petit nigaud".

The verses can be sung in any order and you can choose which verses to sing, but the first verse is always sung.


*Latin for "Thee, O God."

The beginning of the first line of each verse can be found as "Tout en passant…"
The two last lines can also be found as "Et moi je m'encourais" (And I would run away) or "Et moi je m'enfuyais" (And I would flee) or "Et moi de m'encour- cour- et moi de m'encourir" (And I ran a-, I ran a-, and I ran away).

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - En passant près d'un p'tit bois  - (Le peureux)

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Monique Palomares with Lisa Yannucci.