This song from the Paris area goes back to the early 1800's. It was made famous by cabaret singer, Aristide Bruant. Louviers is a town in Normandy, 75 miles North-West of Paris.


*Specifically the person who repairs the roads.
**"Rouler carrosse" is literally, "to drive in a carriage". Figuratively, it means, "to lead a high lifestyle".

Monique wrote:

"I learned this song in 2nd grade. The 3rd verse was converted in standard French as…

L' cantonnier lui répondit,
L' cantonnier lui répondit :
"C'est pour nourrir mes petits,
C'est pour nourrir mes petits,
Car si j' roulais,
Car si j' roulais,
Carrosse comm' vous,
Carrosse comm' vous,
Car si j' roulais carrosse comm' vous,
Je ne cass'rais pas d' cailloux."

The translation is the same except for the 3rd line, "C'est pour nourrir mes petits" (It's to feed my children, literally "little ones").

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Monique Palomares and Lisa Yannucci.

Merci beaucoup !