This Icelandic hymn was written by Kolbeinn Tumason (1173–1208) on his deathbed.

The original text is presented here with Icelandic spelling from the 19th century. The translation is loose and is in a metrical pattern of 5 beats per line.


Rough Literal Translation:

Hear, smith of the heavens,
what the poet asks.
May softly come unto me
thy mercy.
So I call on thee,
for thou hast created me.
I am thy slave,
thou art my Lord.

God, I call on thee
to heal me.
Remember me, mild one*,
Most we need thee.
Drive out, O king of suns,
generous and great,
human every sorrow
from the city of the heart.

Watch over me, mild one,
Most we need thee,
truly every moment
in the world of men.
send us, son of the virgin,
good causes,
all aid is from thee,
in my heart.

*Or "mild king"

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Both translations come from Wikipedia.