This is a traditional African-American Spiritual.


"First two verses of 'Children Go Where I Send Thee' American traditional song, sung how my mother sang it, any similarity with any recording is purely coincidental." -Makemi


Sung by Makemi, cc.

A longer version with verses based on these lines...

One for the little bitty baby.
Two for Paul and Silas.
Three for the Hebrew children.
Four for the four come knockin' at the door.
Five for the Gospel preachers.
Six for the six who couldn't got fixed.
Seven for the seven that went up to Heaven.
Eight for the eight that stood at the gate.
Nine for the nine who dressed so fine
Ten for the Ten Commandments.
Eleven for the eleven that couldn't get to heaven.
Twelve for the Twelve that couldn't get to heaven.

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Children, Go Where I Send Thee - (Short Version)