"Boju Boju" is a game of hide-and-seek played on moonlit nights. It's played as a call-and-response. The part in italics is the response.


Boju boju = mask, cover your eyes, hide-and-seek

Oro is one of the gods in Yoruba religion. The Oro also refers to a masquerade in his honor where men disguise themselves as spirits. Women are not allowed to see the Oro masquerade and must stay inside.

Oloro is the high chief in charge of the masquerade. That's who's referred to in the song. We translated Oloro as "chief masquerader".

Game Instructions

One person covers their eyes while singing this song. Everyone else hides. On the line, "Se ki n si?", if everyone replies, "Si si sin sii" then he can open/uncover his eyes and search for them.


If anyone can record this for us or if anyone would like to share more info about the song, please email me. Thanks in advance! Mama Lisa

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Lisa.