Below you'll find the lyrics with the accents on some of the words. If anyone can send us the text with all of the accents, please email me. Thanks! Mama Lisa

Ẹkùn mẹ́ran
Ó tori bo ígbo mee!
Ó torun bo dan mee!
Ó fẹ́ mú un mee!
Kọ́ má lè mú ó mee!
Ojú ẹkùn pọ́n mee!
Ìru ẹkùn nle mee!

Game Instructions

Everyone stands in a circle holding hands and singing this song. One player is the goat. The goat goes inside the circle. Another player is the leopard and goes outside the circle. The leopard goes in and out of the circle, under the children in the circle's locked hands, while chasing the goat. The goat also goes in and out of the circle while trying to avoid getting caught by the leopard.


If anyone can record this for us, please email me. Thanks in advance! Mama Lisa

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translated by Lisa.