"Hiraita, Hiraita" is a song about a lotus flower blossoming. The circle dance that accompanies it mimics a flower opening and closing.

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Hiraita hiraita
nan no hana ga hiraita?
renge no hana ga hiraita
hiraita to omottara
itsu no ma ni ka tsubonda

Tsubonda tsubonda
nan no hana ga tsubonda?
renge no hana ga tsubonda
tsubonda to omottara
itsu no ma ni ka hiraita

Game Instructions

The children start in a circle holding hands. They start out close together and when they start singing, they widen the circle. Then they circle around while singing. At the end of the first verse they all go back in towards the center and crouch down while still holding hands.

On the second verse, they stay close together, and go around in a circle while singing. At the end of the 2nd verse, they widen the circle and they all put their hands up in air like a blooming flower.



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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Translation by Lisa.

Image of Lotus Flower: By T.Voekler - Own work, cc by-sa 3.0.

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