It's believed that this song was written around the 14th century.


*Bedouin's cloth
**Jesus in Arabic


Pronunciation of the Song:

Ya biyya al-ennab wa al-ennabiyeh
Qoulo le-ommi qoulo le-bayye
Khtdafouni al-ghajar men that khaymat al-majdalieh
Kont ajib le-ommi mayyah
Kont hazeeli ebn khayyah
Fi sareer al-khashi biyah
Ser ahez abn badawi
Fi sareer al-dadi dayyah
Kont akol lahhm mashwi
Yetdamouni nayyah
Kont akol khobz ommi
Sert tedoush biyah dayyah
Kont albas ghazl ommi
Ser albas al-a'bayah
Baytna had al-kaneesah
Khalish al-nas al-ra'ayyah
ism bayye haji Eissa
Wa ana bento al-mikhtifiyyah
Wa albaghara ismaha khameesah
Kalbna ismo Roba'yya


"One the most famous Arabic singers sang part of this lullaby in one her songs, that is kind of a lullaby. The name of this singer is Fairouz, you can have a look on this Wikipedia link to learn more about her. At the link here, you can hear the 3 first lines at 1:27 in the video. I think the little girl in the video is her daughter.

The Lebanese lullaby (above) is traditional." -Fatima



Sung by Mr. Nicholas Debs.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Fatima Baji for the Arabic text, the transliteration and English translation of this song.